Art Direction

We Are An Independent Art Director And Designing Company, Assigned By A Wide And International Group Of People, Agencies, Magazines And Brands. We are Always Available For New And Exciting Projects And Collaborations. If You Think Your Project Could Benefit From our Participation In Any Way, We Will Be Happy To Get Involve.


Our Services Are Into Various Area Of Photography Such as

Celebrity & Fashion Photography :  Artists And Celebrity, Model And Casting Portfolios For Actors, Musicians, Album Cover, Posters, Press Photos, Artistic Productions, Web Sites, And Calendars. Editorial Portraits For Publishing Advertising And Websites.

Commercial Photography :  People And Product Advertising Campaigns, Architecture and Real Estate, Business Portfolios and Infrastructure.

Event Photography :  Conferences, Conventions, Launching, Concerts, Shows, Documentary, Weddings, Demonstrations and Processing.

Pre & Post Production

We Are Creative Neck For Complete Pre And Post Campaign Handling Such As Wring On References, Gathering Props, Make-Up & Style Team Co-Ordination, Editing & Composition Of Images, Making Final Layout For Print, Co-Ordination Of Print & Production And Creative Consultation.


Photoshop is Magic!!! Every thing can be managed in Photoshop is  believed  by all but our perception is different.

We believe that Art Direction and Photoshop takes place, right from the idea which  generates in mind, to plan a  Conceptual Shoot, and its applies till the end of Post Production.

As Art Direction & Photoshop helps the entire Journey of…

Concept- Pre Production – on shoot Art Supervising – Exposure Staking, Additional Resource Shoot – Manipulation and System editing

To throw focus on this, We would like to share our Style of Working and Special Techniques by having Workshops for the same.

This workshop is designed to create an equally valuable environment for all levels of Photo Editors & Photographers.

Currently, we are conducting workshops in Various Top Institutes of India like Bhartiya Vidyapeeth School of Photography, Symbiosis School Of Photography and in various fields of photography.

Art Direction


Post Production

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