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Mr. Kirtan  is fondly called as Kirtan Creative by colleagues and clients. He  has grown from being creative designer to a ‘Creative Factory’ because he has mastered himself in all process of creativity. Whether it’s Graphic Designing, Retouching, Art Direction for Photo Shoots, Shoot & Location Management.

Kirtan Creative has creative neck for complete pre and post campaign handling such as wring on references, gathering props, make-up & style team co-ordination, photography, editing & composition of images, making final layout for print, co-ordination of print & production. He also conducts specialised photo retouching workshops.  

Since two decades he is handling ad campaigns, publicity material designing for various clients.

Due to his sharp vision for post editing of images and special editing skills he is been most sort out photo editor in fashion industry and today he has worked on the images of more then 150 celebrities in Industry via various Celebrity Photographers and Agencies 

His work is also been featured in some of the most prominent magazines and Print Campaigns of India 

Today Kirtan Creative is associated with top companies and also creative consultant to many projects for complete media production for creativity via his own company called Kirtan Creative.

Kirtan Creative
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